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Arkansas: Still the Natural State


Mount Magazine is the state highpoint.  Off in the Arkansas River Valley between the proper Ozark and Ouachita Mountains, the mountain serves almost as a beacon to those who call this part of the state home, on account of the near 2500 foot rise between the highest point of this mountain and the valley floor below.


The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art was founded by Alice Walton, Sam and Helen Walton’s youngest daughter, as a place to host a wide range of art from America, from colonial-era portraits to minimalist sculpture to assorted modern paintings.  Home to some of the most famous art works in America, the museum (and the controversy around it’s creation from those on the coast, since Bentonville is prime fly-over territory) is drawing significant attention, and serves as both an artistic and architectural milestone in the northwest corner.


The Two Rivers Bridge is part of the Arkansas River Trail, and serves as a tool for both recreation and transportation – enabling bicycle and pedestrian access from various points in West Little Rock into downtown Little Rock/North Little Rock via a system of grade-separated trails, bicycle paths, sidewalks.  While the system does have some missing components in Little Rock that are not likely to see remedy in the near future, the North Little Rock portion gives trail users a near complete path with limited motor vehicle interaction (the Little Rock side isn’t bad either, just one or two tricky spots).  In a state plagued by high obesity and cardiovascular disease rates, these systems give locals a way to enjoy the natural beauty of the state (even in the most urban environment she has).



Finally a bit of home for us: the Prescott Water Tower in Prescott (Megan’s hometown), and the Wiederkehr Weinkeller Restaurant (the site of Adam’s first job).  See, even if we are far away in Texas, our photographs serve as a reminder of what we love about our home state: her natural beauty and memories of growing up, dating, work, and all those things that make home, well, home.