The beach

The beach is a special place.  If you started swimming due east from here (or most of the Atlantic seaboard of the United States), you would end up in Africa.  Behind you is a sea of light, houses full of families enjoying their holidays and full time residents of the island.  Ahead of you the open expanse of nothing, a reminder that we are but small beings in a big world, from dust we have risen and to dust we shall return.  The smells of the spray, the sounds of the surf, the feel of sand between your toes.  But above all, the calm and beauty of a summer night after the sun has went to sleep, on an empty beach, is a sight worth taking in.

milky way over kiawah beach
the milky way over kiawah beach
kiawah beach at the end of the day
kiawah beach at the end of the day

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