The way we used to be: long distance dating

Megan and I met in June of 2006 on her first day at work.  Long story short, we eventually started to date.  After a year and a half of dating, I took a job in Austin, Texas (in 2009 so any work was worth taking).  Thus began over two years of long distance dating/courtship before our wedding in October of 2011.  This distance lead to a lot of driving: in two years I put over 100,000 miles on my Toyota driving mostly back and forth to Arkansas every other weekend.  At 1,000 miles plus a trip (plus driving in the wide open spaces of Texas), the mileage adds up fast.  These drives often were boring experiences along Interstates 30, 35, and 40 in Texas and Arkansas, but sometimes they took us off the beaten path, especially when there was some ‘scenic’ views to be taken in.

Other times the drives up and back were boring but trips in Arkansas took us to some of the more beautiful parts of the state with the ones we love. 

And other trips gave us missing comforts given our distance away from ‘home’.  Austin is for sure home now, but it doesn’t make me miss a tasty bowl of chili and a salad at Zaza in Little Rock.

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